Welcome to Collection Baltic virtual home!

Collection Baltic was established back in 2012 with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. The company’s foundation was laid by industry professionals who have over a decade of experience in the leading incoming agencies in the Baltic region. Collection Baltic is more than just a destination management company, travel agency or tour operator; it is a tool designed to serve the aces of the travel industry when operating in the area of the Baltic Sea. 

The experience we’ve collected through the years of hard work for various enterprises during the dawn of this century has been evolved into the cornerstone of the company. Our philosophy is to consider everyone coming to the Baltic region a guest rather than a tourist or traveler. Our motivation is not the plain commercial interest, we are driven by the commitment to promote the destination and acquaintance with its historical dilemmas, cultural diversity and relaxing nature.

What makes us and our products different from other companies in the field?
  • Genuine professionalism and in-depth experience while being “fresh blood”
  • Collection level of expertise
  • Custom-made programs and products for any needs or taste
  • Multilingual communication
  • “H2H” (human to human) rather than just plain “B2B” (business to business) formula
  • Swift responding & creative approach to inquiries
  • Lower rates & better quality control due to not being a large company (thus avoiding many useless costs)